Given the current times of uncertainty, we are going to be offering the following remote healing sessions to help you manage stress, anxiety and provide a sense of comfort.

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Connect with Christiana over the phone for a reading that will provide an energy shift. Gifted with psychic abilities she will not just answer your questions but bring insight and understanding into your life challenges. Her point of view is positive and supportive, so don't be afraid to sign up for advice from the other side. The messages she receives will be shared and then it's time to ask questions, so come prepared. This is your chance to rid yourself of unnecessary worries and see your problems in a new light with guided information.

DURATION: 60 mins (Appointments must be made 24 hours in advance)

COST: $250 USD



Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, combined with the power of universal energy transmission, you don’t have to see Mark in person to reap the benefits. He offers the transformative healing of aroma-energy work remotely via Skype, FaceTime or telephone. How does it work? Basically, it’s the same as a regular session – except you aren’t in the same room.  When it comes to the appointment Mark will have everything set up in his alchemy studio, just like a regular visit, with the crystals, candles. You will be ready in a prepared space of your own, somewhere you will be able to lie comfortably and warm, with your eyes closed and no disturbances.

After connecting with Mark via Skype, FaceTime or phone, for an introductory chat about your current issues and state of mind for around 20 minutes - you will then  get to relax and enjoy your journey while he works on your “body”. The life force energy of the plants works with the energy transmission of the reiki and sends you a powerful 25-minute healing session. At the end, there is a debrief chat and analysis of how you are feeling. The power of these sessions cannot be overstated 

DURATION: 60 mins

COST: $175 USD



Connect with Lori’s keen Healing Intuition via Zoom, FaceTime or phone as she will bring Nourishment and Strength to one’s Chakra & Auric Energy Body Systems. Realigning & Comforting each system to flow into the highest vibration for your highest good. This ultimately permits the physical, emotional, and spiritual energy bodies to sync together with ease and grace providing for a lighter feel in one’s daily life. Lori will use a plethora of healing modalities in her distance healings utilizing the power of the sacred elements, colors, crystals and sound as well as receiving clear messages and from your infinite soul and higher self. Come take a journey to release unnecessary layers, layers that no longer serve you and replenish and rebalance with your Divine light & love, shifting you back to “Your True Divine Self” by tuning in with Compassion, Direction and Divine Healing. Soul be it!

DURATION: 60 mins

COST: $215 USD