When Nicole Manning merged her three-year-old clean beauty business, Tribe, with New York-based ONDA Beauty in 2019, Sydney got its first globally-backed clean beauty destination for products and treatments.

Having trained in beauty, and then travelled for ten years working in high-end boutiques in London & Europe, Nicole returned to Sydney to harness Australia’s natural zest for clean living and created a destination for the best clean skin and beauty treatments in Sydney, Tribe Natural Beauty, which opened in 2015 and grew a large and loyal community of like-minded clients and collaborators.

ONDA Beauty, created by Larissa Thomson, Sarah Bryden-Brown and Naomi Watts in NYC, recognized the value Nicole created with Tribe, and her passion for clean beauty as a movement and lifestyle, and so absorbed Tribe to bring ONDA to Australia, offering the best clean beauty products and treatments.

Nicole’s vision is to deliver clean beauty treatments and products to the Australian market in a manner that also reflects her values; approachable, sincere and meaningful.

“I want to ensure those looking for clean, sustainable beauty products and treatments have access to the best in the world, at home in Australia. My passion is for our team in Australia to work personally with our clients to tailor self-care rituals and routines that make all the difference.”