Every facial you experience at ONDA is designed to care for your spirit as much as your skin. We tailor our treatments to suit all skin types and conditions using our carefully curated and safe products along with non-invasive tools and equipment that stimulate your body’s natural healing process to help counter the effects of sun-damage, aging and acne-prone skin.

All of our facials include a personal consultation. Our talented therapists will recommend other modalities, including OMNILUX light therapy, pure Oxygen and/or Gua Sha, depending on the facial you choose, or the result you want. And of course, each treatment will include a grounding meditation in the form of a facial, head and shoulder massage or a hand or foot massage to ensure complete balance and relaxation.

Manicures or pedicures are available as additions to our facial treatments. Please email or call for availability.



DURATION: 105 mins
COST: $495 
(Add ONDA EYES +$90)   

Nourishment from head to toe this treatment includes our Signature Facial which combines key modalities using pure oxygen, Omnilux and Gua Sha whilst focusing on your specific skin type and concern.

Our Signature manicure and Pedicure naturally restores hands and feet to optimal health finishing with a beautiful natural Japanese polishing technique using beeswax.

Two therapists work simultaneously throughout the treatment. The therapist’s movements are choreographed to work in harmony. Clients leave the space with radiant skin and perfect hands & feet, having experienced a luxurious facial and meticulous nail treatments.

To book the ONDA INDULGENCE please email or call for availability.


DURATION: 90mins
COST: $325

Our ONDA Signature Facial, created in NYC, is a true wholistic experience. It combines the best modalities from our NYC location, including pure Oxygen, whilst focusing on your specific skin type and concerns. In this facial, a stream of high-pressurized oxygen that has been infused with nutrient-rich botanical extracts is gently applied to the face and décollatage. Oxygen, in combination with OMNILUX light therapy, will soothe and restore skin that has been exposed to the elements. Careful consideration is taken by your therapist during an initial consultation to ensure a results-driven treatment that will transform your skin. 


DURATION: 90mins
COST: $290

When your skin needs a reset! Includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation and prescribed enzyme peel. LED Light Therapy is applied to rejuvenate and balance the skin. A tailored masque is used to ensure maximum absorption of pure ingredients. This results-driven facial lifts and boosts the skin while still pampering with a neck/shoulder, face, hand, foot and scalp massage.  The perfect blend of results and relaxation. 


DURATION: 90mins 
COST: $290

This facial is designed to address all skin conditions and to release muscle tension using a combination of thorough massage, lymphatic drainage, and pressure points, revealing healthy, radiant skin – and muscle tone.

With the incorporation of muscle manipulation the treatment helps to keep facial muscles tight, toned, and youthful. Bringing new oxygenated blood to the muscles of the face and increasing circulation in the face this will not only accelerate absorption of products but also help to rid your face of toxins which can help in diminishing acne to fine lines.

ONDA believes that it is necessary to exercise the muscles of the face just like the muscles of the body. Using special massage techniques and Gua Sha to increase blood circulation and oxygen flow to muscles and skin and the face is less likely to fall into deep wrinkles or show signs of physical and emotional stress. Facial massage encourages the development of collagen and increases the volume of the muscles while leaving you rejuvenated, lifted, and glowing.


DURATION: 90mins
COST: $290

When your skin needs an intensive boost of nature’s most potent vitamins and minerals, this unique facial incorporates Sodashi’s exclusive warm Thermal Mask to maximise penetration of essential ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. This indulgent treatment is tailored to individual skin needs: to purify and deeply cleanse, or to nourish, leaving your skin hydrated and toned.


DURATION: 75mins
COST: $250

When you feel like stepping away from every-day pressures and are in need of a little indulgence. This facial features a unique and customised blend of natural, organic and restorative ingredients, focusing on holistic facial massage techniques to reveal a radiant and glowing complexion.  A facial to evoke your senses, reset and restore balance.


DURATION: 50mins
COST: $180

The magic of LED and Oxygen combined to give you your essential glow. The perfect interim facial or pick me up before an event. A thorough cleanse, exfoliation, LED + Oxygen Infusion leaves your skin hydrated and radiant.


DURATION: 60mins
COST: $180

The Power Hour boasts an efficient yet restorative experience including a cleanse, exfoliation, LED Light Therapy,  your choice of a brow or lash tint and a file and polish of the nails. In and out in one hour!



DURATION: 45mins
COST: $110


The LED machine emits light which penetrates into the skin, improving the overall appearance, tone and texture. LED is a non invasive, anti-aging, results driven treatment that stimulates collagen, elastin, and your body’s natural healing process to repair and rejuvenate the skin. Targeted results to help minimise wrinkles, reduce pore size, increase hydration, improve skin tone and texture.

Best results are seen in a course of 8, perfect for special occasions or ongoing skin maintenance.



Experience our natural way to enhance and define the eyes

  • Eyelash tint, eyebrow tint & expert brow shaping: $90
  • Brow shape: $45
  • Brow tint: $25
  • Lash tint: $35
  • Lip wax: $20
  • Lip & Chin wax: $30


When you book a treatment with ONDA BEAUTY we will give you a call for your credit card details and hold your details on file just in case you cancel within 48 hours before your appointment, where we will charge you for 50% of the treatment you were booked in for, or, if you cancel within 24 hours we will charge you 100% of the treatment. If you need to cancel please email hellosydney@ondabeauty.com or call ahead of time.
We hope you understand why we need to do this, but mostly we hope you arrive on time for your treatment because our treatments will not only brighten your day, but your skin, spirit and soul!


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