Balance Shampoo


DESCRIPTION: A balancing shampoo formulated for All Hair Textures and Types and Normal to Oily Scalp Types to offset excessive oiliness and create volume. Aloe vera, gentle natural cleansers and advanced herbal infusions work in unique synergy to cleanse impurities and balance overly sebaceous scalp conditions for effortless volume and manageability. Rich natural plant oils and herbal actives effectively soften, add shine, treat scalp and stimulate follicle circulation to increase flow of nourishment, encouraging strong, continued hair growth. 

Formulated to balance oily scalp conditions and/or deliver volume to fine hair. An oily scalp has excess oil appear only 1-2 days after shampooing.

SIZE: 8oz


  • Aloe Vera strengthens hair, softens, hydrates, protects, treats scalp conditions.
  • Camelina Seed Oil moisturizes, adds shine, strengthens hair growth, protects hair and scalp.
  • Jojoba hydrates, increases elasticity, adds shine, strengthens hair, protects hair, treats scalp.
  • Coconut oil encourages elasticity, moisturizes, protects, adds shine, encourages hair growth.
  • Meadowfoam oil moisturizes, encourages elasticity, adds shine, softens hair.
  • Nettles can help encourage hair growth and slow thinning, stimulates scalp and follicle circulation.
  • Sage adds shine, can help strengthen hair and help promotes hair growth.
  • Ginseng stimulates scalp and follicle circulation, can help encourage hair growth and slow thinning.
  • Thyme stimulates growth, can help strengthen growth, can help treat dry scalp and dandruff.
  • Chamomile can help treat dandruff, scalp conditions and promote hair growth.
  • Linden Flowers can help treat, soothe and protect scalp.
  • Dandelion detoxifies, treats dry scalp.
  • Catnip soothes, heals and calms scalp irritations, promotes hair growth.
  • Rosemary can help treat dandruff and increase scalp circulation.
  • Burdock calms scalp, soothes irritation, can help regenerate follicle cells.
  • Horsetail can help stimulate growth and strengthen hair.
  • Lavender can help encourage hair growth, stimulate follicle and treat dandruff and scalp conditions.

INGREDIENTS: *Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Saponified Coconut Oil, *Vegetable Glycerin, §Xanthan Gum, Aqua, *Camelina Oil, *Hemp Seed Oil, *Coconut Oil, *Evening Primrose Oil, *Almond Oil, *Apricot Kernal Oil, *Jojoba Oil, *Grape Seed Oil, *Burdock, *Calendula, *Chamomile, *Cinnamon, *Horsetail, *Nettle, *Ginseng, *Oregano, *Lavender, *Flax, *Goldenseal, *Alfalfa, *Peppermint, *Rosemary leaf, *Catnip, *Cayenne, *Linden flowers, *Thyme, *Dandelion, *Sage, *Rose Hips, Potassium Sorbate, †Rose Essential Oil, †Sweet Orange Essential Oil, †Rosemary Essential Oil, †Lemon Essential Oil, †Grapefruit Essential Oil.






No Animal Testing

Made in the USA